Octubre del 2020

Daniel fasting – 21 days spiritual journey with prayers and sacrifices – is the deliberate and intentional dedication to focus on God and humbling oneself in the presence of almighty God. We do this with the same fervor and urgency shown by the prophet Daniel for his people and nation. Expecting a great manifestation of God’s power upon the current pandemic, we lift our hands and hearts to the Lord for supernatural breakthroughs in our lives and in the world.

«I ate no savory food, took no meat or wine, and did not anoint myself at all until the end of the three weeks» (Daniel 10:3)

Daniel Fasting prayer will start on August 1st around the world. Due to the time difference, the 1st day of the prayer session will be on July 31st in the USA and Canada. The GMT time for the prayer is 1:00 am . We have some of the other time zones below.
United States / Canada: 9:00pm EST | Australia: 11:00am AEST | India: 6:30am IST | Malaysia: 9:00am MYT
If you don’t see your time zone, please calculate from GMT or from the time zone closest to you. If for any reason you are not able to attend the live session you can go to the recorded links that will be available on the website.

Led By

Fr Roy Palatty-Speakers -conference Malayalam
Rev. Roy Varghese Palatty, CMI
Spiritual Director, Shalom Media


Special Intentions

  1. To save humanity from the deadly plague of corona.
  2. In reparation for the sins committed by us and our families.
  3. To strengthen all the evangelization efforts of bringing Jesus to the ends of the earth.
  4. To prepare the Holy Catholic Church to embrace a new Pentecost.


This is a Free Event

General Instruction for 21 days:

Daily Prayers:

  1. Attend 30-minute prayer sessions live-streamed on YouTube.
  2. Attend daily Mass (through media, if no access to church).
  3. Recite one Divine Mercy Chaplet.
  4. Say the prayer to Saint Michael.
  5. Pray one Rosary for our special intentions.
  6. Read the Word of God for at least 15 minutes.
  7. Kneel and bow down 25 times with face touching the ground. Pray the following prayer every time you bow down:
    «O Lord Hear, O Lord Forgive!»
    (if it is not possible to do this at a stretch, it can be done in sets throughout the day)

Daniel Diet Instructions:

  1. This is meant as a way to offer our sacrifices with that of our beloved Savior and can be done at different levels.The goal is to eat to prevent hunger and not for the pleasure of eating, so avoid savories and delicacies.
  2. You may continue with regular meal schedule but abstain from meat, fish, egg, dairy products, chocolates, ice creams, sugar, sweets, wine or any alcoholic beverages for all the 21 days eating only regular homemade food including rice, bread, vegetables, fruits.
    You can do abstinence as you do during the lenten season avoiding meat on Fridays and avoiding chocolates, ice creams, sugar, sweets, wine or any alcoholic beverages.

Avoid Social Media:

  1. Watching entertainment programs on TV, Internet or other social media

Disclaimer: Participating in the Daniel fasting and abstinence during 21 Days of Prayer is voluntary. Please consult and discuss all your concerns with your doctor.

If you have questions please contact us at